Krushev 1952
kruschev.jpg Nikita Krushev was born in 1894 on April the 15th. He was elected as the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) in 1953 after Joseph Stalin's death, but was essensially the leader of the Soviet Union. His known mainly as the leader of Soviet Russia during the cold war. He was a very controversial leader and was really unique, and its debateable wether he was a good leader or a bad leader.
He was very "colorful" in his reactions and how he dealt with problems. He oversaw the building of the Berlin wall and was responsible for starting the Cuban Missile Crisis and also responsible for ending it. Another thing he is known for was his discussion in a 1964 "Secret Speech" where he was the first person to really address Joseph Stalins crimes which was considered really crazy at the time since everyone feared stalin, This started the process named "Destalinization"
Another incidence people recall when someone mentions his name is the famous "Shoe Banging" incidence in 1960 during a conference where he supposedly acted out angrily at a phillippine delegate by waving his shoe in the air and banging it on the table, it is controversial whether this really occured or not since there is no real record of it happening.

Although Kruchev was a strong believer in Communism and belived it would triumph over Capitalism, he definatley changed the Soviet Union into a less brutal version of Stalins world, and one of his main achievments in doing this was making it possible for the CPSU to vote their leaders out of office.