Little Rock 9:

Little Rock 9 took place in Little Rock, Arkansas. Governor Orval Faubus ordered the National Guard to block nine African american children from attending Central High because he didn't want schools desegregated. President Eisenhower heard of this crime being taken place in Little Rock, he ordered the Federal Troops to make there way to Little Rock and protect those innocent nine children from being beaten.
On September 20, 1957, Judge Ronald N. Davis granted the NAACP the right to stop Governor Faubus from using the National Guard. Eisenhower feared there would be terrible violence, he wanted the nine children not to attend Little Rock for fear they would all be beaten by white students.
On September 23, 1957, the nine African-american students started school at Central High in Little Rock. They all knew what lie ahead of them so they all entered through the back doors. White mobs stood outside of Central High protesting the black students from entering their school. They didn't want their perfect white children to mingle with blacks. Reporters were there to support the Little Rock 9. Some of the black reporters were beaten by the white mob because of them stepping onto Central High property. When the white mob heard of the nine students entering the building they all went ballistic.
President Eisenhower wanted to make sure the children had a successful day of school so he sent the 101st Airborn division to Little Rock. Each African-American student had their own personal "body guard" to protect them from crazed white people. But violence was not scared of the guards, Melba Patillo was guarded when someone stabbed her and poured acid in her eyes. If it weren't for the guards pouring water in her eyes she would have been blind the rest of her life.
After only a few short weeks the guards left, and the nine adolescent children were to defend themselves. Minnijean Brown dumped her school lunch tray on two white males because they were insulting her. She was suspended for six days. The White males told the press that they didn't blame her for doing what she did. Another incident causing permanent suspension with Brown was when she called a white girl "White Trash". Neither of the white students got suspended for their crimes.
All other 8 students finished school at Central High that year. Earnest Green was the first African-American to graduate from Little Rock that spring. Although Earnest graduated many racist people still fought for public schools in Arkansas to be segregated once again. Central High school board asked if segregation could be delayed until 1961. They proposal was granted at first, but then was later removed once again in August of 1958. The courts told Little Rock it must desegregate the public schools.
Gov. Faubus was appalled with this decision and decided to take things into his own hands. Faubus tried passing bills to shut down Central High in Little Rock. Which was granted.
Many of the nine black students parents were either forced to resign or were fired from there jobs from what was happening in Central High. One family moved away, the other five stayed in Little Rock and took classes at the University of Arkansas until Central High re-opened.
The Summer of 1959 the bill that Faubus passed to close down Central High was revised and considered unconstitutional. Faubus started making plans for even more laws, but the school board avoided the law by reopening early on August 12,1959. Only two of the original Little Rock 9 attended that year, Jefferson Thomas and Carlotta Walls.The other three went to the new Hall High. Both African-American students graduated that spring from Central High.
Melba Patillo now teaches at Central High, were as forty years ago she was stabbed and thrown acid in her eyes. Now students of all races come an hug her daily with positive attitudes. Today Central High is 60% African-American.