Intro to Spanish
Countries of Latin America
Our class is taking a virtual trip through Latin America, and you are the tour guide! You will present your classmates with an intensive tour of the country selected above. What will you see? Who might you meet? What adventures will you encounter?
Here are some helpful points of interest:
  • Name and capital
  • Political and geographical boundaries
  • Politics
    • Type of government
    • Political parties
    • Stability
  • History
    • Are there indigenous tribes in the area?
    • How was the country formed?
    • How does this influence the country today?
  • Economics
    • What are the major imports/exports?
    • Currency? Exchange rate?
    • Are there major agricultural products or technology?
  • Geography
    • Does this country have any natural wonders?
    • Are there any famous sites?
  • Culture
    • Do the people have any unusual traditions or social patterns?
    • Who are the famous people from the country?
  • Other points of interest
    • Why visit this country?
    • What is there to see? To do? Eat? Experience?
  • Be our tour guide!

Use all available resources (encyclopedias, books, the Internet, SVRCS staff, even practice with your classmates!). Cite your sources! (Must have at least FOUR sources.)

You will be graded on the following:

Presentation (25 points)
  • 10 - Visual aids, use of technology in presentation
  • 5 - Confidence and posture
  • 5 - Lasts no less than 3 but no more than 5 minutes
  • 5 - Preparedness, well-practiced, grammar
Research (15 points)
  • 5 - Use of available resources
  • 5 - Respectful of classmates and resources, cooperation
  • 5 - Cite sources
Content (15 points)
  • 5 - Correct information
  • 5 - Interesting and creative
  • 5 - Panoramic perspective of country