Grading Policy
Advanced Placement U.S. History – Mrs. Schrack

· 5 points per assignment unless otherwise specified
· Full Credit: Assignment turned in on time and complete
· Half Credit: Assignment turned in on time but not finished
· Late assignments will not be accepted
· Absent? Full credit for completed work turned in within two days of return


· Pop Quiz- 10 points, if absent, no make-up, but does not count toward final grade
· Scheduled Quiz- if absent, two weeks to make up missed quiz

· Will be announced with at least 2 days notice, but students should plan ahead: at the end of each unit, there will be an exam

Special Project*
· One per semester
· If absent, must be turned in within 1 week for full credit
· For partial credit, may be turned in up to 1 week late

*Note: In order to receive full credit (or any credit) for an assignment, your first and last name must be visible and legible on the homework, quiz, test, or project.

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