Primary Source Analysis Tools (Library of Congress)
Eyewitness to History
The First Thanksgiving (video)
Edwards, Jonathan; Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Locke, John; Essay on Human Understanding
Rowlandson, Mary; The Narrative of the Captivity and the Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson (1682)
Daniel Boone
Articles of Confederation
U.S. Constitution
The Federalist #10
Lewis & Clark (PBS)
Lewis & Clark (National Geographic)
Lewis & Clark (Yankton, SD)
Macon's Bill, Number 2
The Antebellum Era: Primary Documents, David A. Copeland
The Transcendentalist by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Walden (annotated) by Henry David Thoreau
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
The Jungle Sparknotes
Theodore Roosevelt moves into the White House - Eyewitness to History
Have Fun with History: Pearl Harbor
National Geographic: Remembering Pearl Harbor
U.S. Navy History of Pearl Harbor
Social Studies for Kids: Pearl Harbor Resources
Iran Hostage Crisis (30-year Anniversary)
Iran Hostage Crisis
Iran Hostage Crisis (30-year Anniversary)
Iran Hostage Crisis and its effects on our history
Iran Hostage Crisis - US Dept of State
Iran Hostage Crisis - PBS
Chronology of US Historical Docs (University of OK)
100 Milestone Documents

American Revolution:

Creation of a New Nation:
The American Civil War
Moving Westward through Early 1900's
WWI and Post-WWI
List of U.S. States according to date of admission

List of U.S. Presidents brought to you by the Whitehouse
List of Presidents with VPs
POTUS - Information about all Presidents, including election information

U.S. Constitution and cases
3 Branches of Government in easy terms
U.S. Supreme Court Cases (by year)

The Federal Reserve and how it works

Writing Resources

Writing a Thesis Statement
Resources for Writing a Thesis Statement
How to Make an Outline
Outline of an Outline
MLA Bibliography
More Bibliography Examples
More Writing Help

Public Speaking Resources

Website full of helpful links
Business blog with 20 tips
Tips from Public Speakers and other resources