Korematsu v. United states 1944supreme court.png
The case of Korematsu v. United States was a landmark in history of the Supreme Court cases.

Before I begin informing you of the case though, I must inform you of the reason it had to take place.

Executive Order 9066 was authorized by president Roosevelt during World War II on the 19th of exec order 9066.jpg
February in 1942. It was very controversial but was during a time of war and hysteria. The order
caused anyone of japanese descent (regardless of citizenship) to be transferred from their homes
into Internment camps. It was accused of being unconstitutional.

And thats where Fred Korematsu comes in. He wanted to stand up for what he beleived were his
rights and accused this order to be unconstitutional. The details are basically that the court beleived
it may have violated some of his rights but that the threat of war was more important and must
be passed. In the end Korematsu lost his case 6 - 3 in favor of the court.

Fred Korematsu.jpg(Pictured is Fred Korematsu)