Through the 1700's the Detente was formed. check your information!

The detente was a more permanent peace movement between Russia, China, and the United States after tensions, mainly due to nuclear tensions, after lesser movements had been tried for peace. China was worried of her separation of the rest of the world and of worsening relations with the USSR, as well as the point of the USA's nuclear weapons, more substantial and significant than their own. Russia and the US were both advanced in their nuclear weaponry and neither of them wanted to witness a war. With the relationships strained the peaceful treaty would be beneficial to all three nations.

Without this movement the tensions between the three major nations would be at a high. Because of this treaty the US and USSR agreed basically not to blast each other with nuclear warfare. It ensured only underground testing for both the US and USSR. Without this being made it would not have been insured the safety from nuclear warfare and a possible world war. This was an important step in the peace and tranquility after years of war.